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Travel Geek: Georgia

In late October 2016, I embarked on a journey to Georgia. A small country on the border of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. A proud country, who celebrate the life and rise of Stalin, whose communistic remnants are still so apparent, with concrete towers and 50 year old cable cars still in use.

There we shot footage for a new episode of the travel geek. Filming the culture, people and landscape. We spent just over a week crossing the country, filming an array of events.

My role was that of a cameraman and assistant.

Sadly however the edit of the clip is still in progress and all that can be found of our adventure are a few short teaser trailers.

Dar Badar

During the last month of my internship, I saw that an Indian Bollywood crew was looking for an assistant to help them make their movie in Amsterdam. The shoot would last for ten days during the summer holiday. I messaged them and I was lucky enough for them to want me and for 10 days in a row, and often more than 12 hours a day we worked on the movie "Dar Badar". During this period, I helped in all ways, from backing up the footage and wiping the cards, to calling locations and setting up the shoots and gathering B-Roll shots after wrap. It was tiring but one of the most interesting and educational 10 days of my life.

The movie is not out yet, but should be within a month or two.


In the fourth and final year of the HBO study Art and Technology, the students must choose their own topics for specialization and thus make their own projects.

My first topic for specialization was screen writing. For this I decided to thus write 2 scripts, the first titled "Milkman". A short comical film about a man and his milk. I wrote this without any research and used this as a benchmark for my second script, which became "Tribulation". To make this script I did research on how one needs to write a script and make a story with more depth.

After writing it, I decided with classmates to shoot it and worked as an editor on the final footage. Piecing the video together and adding the special effects.

Untitled Music Video

My second area of focus during the fourth year is the use of a cinema camera. I learned how to use the RED Epic Mysterium-X camera. To really put my skills to the test and actually put my knowledge into practice I decided I wanted to make a music video. At the moment I have found a band who has recently recorded music in the studio, but am still working on the concepting of the video and hope to film in January.

This post will be updated accordingly.

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