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Louis Giuseppe Masi was born on August 15th in the town of Swindon surrounded by the rolling hills and historic landscape of Wiltshire.

Growing up he was very passionate about sports and films. The latter which he decided to pursue into a career after moving to the Netherlands to study the bachelor degree "Art and Technology", which led him to Bulgaria for a half year minor.

He has had a good amount of experience shooting  and editing videos, including a week excursion to Georgia during which he helped film a travel documentary for the TravelGeek youtube channel.

Louis has a broad set of skills and can assume many roles in the broadcasting industry, but mainly in the roles of cameraman and editor.

Personality Traits

General Skills

Creative thinker

Good communication

Sense of humor

Professional working attitude

Motion Photography

Audio Recording


Video Editing

Adobe Programs

  • Premiere Pro CC

    Extensive knowledge of the working of the program.

    I have the ability to piece together a video, and edit the colour, audio and add effects.

  • Audition

    I am able to adjust sound levels so the peaks are consistent, remove unwanted noise and static.

  • After Effects

    I am able to make basic animations.

  • Photoshop

    Edit photos with airbrush and other tools.

  • Light Room

    Using the tools in light room I can turn a mediocre photo into a great one.


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Louis G. Masi



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